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A voice for the unheard - Incoming Daily Feed, New Articles - It is, she says, about letting people tell their stories, allowing them to speak and actually listening to them,?MARY RAFTERY FOR PRESIDENT,JOE DUFFY IS GOOD BUT I THINK MARY WOULD PIP HIM TO THE POST?THANKS A MILLION MARY FOR DOING WHAT THE BISHOPS AND POLITICIANS SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING DECADES AGO?GIVING A VOICE TO THE UNHEARD?


  1. TDs Wallace and Daly in court to support criminal Leon Wright who was cleared of assaulting a prison officer
    Leon Wright

    Tom Tuite
    19/10/2016 | 18:44
    A violent criminal has been cleared of assaulting a prison officer when he was searched for weapons.

    Leon Wright (28) of Donore Avenue in Dublin 8 remained handcuffed and flanked by five prison staff wearing riot gear for his district court trial on Wednesday.

    Wright, who claimed he was beaten by prison officers, was supported in court by Independent TDs Mick Wallace and Clare Daly who took notes of the proceedings from the public gallery.

    After the defence raised questions over the credibility of prosecution witnesses and evidence, Judge Alan Mitchell said that having viewed the CCTV evidence in particular he was dismissing the case.

    He also said that he was going to direct that the Court Service would prepare a copy of the digital audio recording of the hearing and that it would be offered to Inspector of Prisons Judge Michael Reilly in the event he would like to “take further action”.

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